Work That Thang!

“The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge; and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge. A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.”

– Proverbs 18:14-16

Gifts are nice aren’t they? We give them all the time, and if we are all being truthful we almost always expect to receive a gift or two. Oh, y’all don’t want to be honest with me today. I know there are some who believe that they are so deep to where they simply don’t mind giving and giving and giving and giving and giving some more without ever receiving, and their motto is their reward is in Heaven. Amen, and more power to you; however, for those of us who would be honest with ourselves, for the amount of giving that we do we expect somebody to reciprocate the gesture. It can come from God or He can send it through man, but something is expected in return. I mean why else do we have and celebrate all these holidays and significant days (i.e. birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, graduations, Valentine’s Day, the day we met, our first kiss, the first time we… Oh, excuse I almost went too far). You get the picture. Oh yeah, I forgot Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Grandparents Day, Siblings Day, and all the other days. The point of it all is, everybody wants to receive a gift or present from time to time.

All of that is fine and well, but that is not the gift that I came to speak about on today. Our focus today is the gifts of God that He has deposited within each and everyone of us. Now, don’t get me wrong these gifts do yield a reward or present if worked properly, but that is not the focus of the matter. The truth is God’s gifts have nothing to do with you celebrating a special holiday in your life. The gifts of God are given not so that you can go around expecting something from someone, rather it is about you causing people to expect something from Him. I’m lost brother! Don’t worry, I’m getting ready to catch you up to speed. When God gives us a gift, it is often referred to as a calling upon our lives. This calling is only activated upon the reception of an impartation from the Holy Ghost, which in turn is responsible for assisting you or leading and guiding you into the fulfillment of the calling or gift. Still with me? Good. Once your gift or calling has been activated, it is now time for you to use that gift to make the names of Jesus and God great in the land of the living. The sole purpose of Him giving you the gift was so that He could draw others unto himself through you and your use of the gift. All caught up now? Great!

Before we continue on, I feel this must be said. Please keep in mind, it’s not about you rather it is about the gift. What do you mean Kean? You didn’t receive the gift or the calling on the merit of you being the only one that is able to draw others into the kingdom of God through that method. No ma’am and no sir! You received the gift simply on the basis of God knowing you and deciding to use you to bring glory to His kingdom. So, whether you decide to act upon the gift or not, please do not think that The Kingdom is being crippled or that you are doing God any favors. Just as He gave the gift to you, He can also give another gift to another person who will gladly act upon it and put it to work. I know that stung somebody a little bit, but endure the sting, repent, and keep moving because there is more to be released.

Our text for today comes from the book of Proverbs. This book is known to many as the book of wisdom and knowledge, and there are perhaps many reasons why it would be referred to as such. However, I simply want to expound on these three scriptures within the book as the Lord would have me. I do not proclaim to be a student of theology or a professional theologian; however, I am simply going to give it to you all the way it was given to me. When this passage was given to me, I simply wanted to focus on the last scripture, because I felt that I could drive that home a lot better. However, God wouldn’t let me do that. He kept drawing my attention to verse 14. I couldn’t understand how to tie them all together, so I had to stop writing and start seeking. After a few moments, it all began to make sense. You ready? Here we go.

Often times, whenever I read a passage of scripture I attempt to read it in a few ways: 1) as a student preparing to be taught, 2) as one anticipating something that could potentially change my life, and 3) I often go up ahead and down below the original passage to ensure that I’m not taking anything out of context. When I did this, it became apparent why God wouldn’t let me focus on one verse alone. The first verse talks about the spirit of an individual. It says if the individual is weak, his spirit is able to sustain him. However, if his spirit is weak, then it (the spirit) is unbearable. To understand this we must first look at the common denominator, the spirit, and how it ties into everything else. First things first, let’s clear this up real quick. The spirit that is being referred to within this passage is not that of God, rather it is simply the spirit or soul of mankind. Once you understand that, it begins to focus itself a little more. Now, we see that if a man’s spirit is well, then he or she is able to endure physical weakness. However, if the spirit is broken (which occurs by life running its course most of the time) then instead of it being a lifter of the individual it becomes a burden that he or she must also attempt to bear. I believe this is where depression, anxiety, stress, and even suicide gets it origination from. Note: If you are suffering from any of these mentioned above, please keep reading for there is good news waiting for you! In addition to your continued reading, please seek professional help from your nearest organization, hospital, or by calling the hotline.

The next part says that the heart of the prudent gets knowledge and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge. This one hung me up for a long time, because I couldn’t wrap my head around the two. Why? To be prudent and wise is one in the same, so I had to address the next concept which is knowledge. Knowledge is the thing that keeps repeating itself within the verse, thus we can conclude that no matter how prudent or wise one may or may not be there is always the need for facts, information, skills, and overall awareness. Wait. How does one begin to seek out knowledge in order to gain it? It all starts with becoming aware of the fact that you are lacking knowledge in said area. Why? Being aware of what one lacks has a way of humbling the individual, thereby making it easier to become a student rather than a professor. Okay, so let’s work with these two scripture for a moment.

The spirit of a man is his sustainer as he endures physical weakness; however, if his spirit is broken then he is no longer capable of sustaining himself. Then, we learn that knowledge is the root of being both prudent and wise. So, we have before us spirit and knowledge, but how do they tie together. Spirit of a man represents the overall mental and emotional state of mind, while knowledge on the other hand represents the tools needed for grounding an individual into something they wholeheartedly believe in. Wait. Could it be that the spirit of a man is connected to the knowledge acquired as a means of securing or stabilizing the entire mental state of the whole being? Too confusing? It was for me to. Here’s the redefined correlation. A man’s spirit is only secured or grounded in the knowledge that he or she acquires through belief in something. However, what is the belief in? Next verse.

A man’s gift will make room for him. Okay, but how does it relate to knowledge and spirit. Your gift determines the kind of knowledge that you will seek out, which in turn is responsible for stabilizing your spirit (watch this) while you work your gift to bring about your expected end. Somebody still confused. Let me say that again. Your gift determines the kind of knowledge that you will seek out, which in turn is responsible for stabilizing your spirit (watch this) while you work your gift to bring about your expected end. Let me make it real plain so that we can all be on one accord. Your spirit is affected by the issues of life, meaning everything that you experience and go through has the ability to either positively or negatively affect your ability to withstand infirmity or physical weakness. However, the way your spirit gets it power is through the knowledge and wisdom that is imparted to it through your acquisition of said knowledge and wisdom. You acquire knowledge and wisdom while you are in pursuit of the gift that God has deposited within you. So, it appears that one is directly connected to the other, but the root of it all is the gift. The gift is responsible for enriching and inspiring the other two factors. In other words, in order to acquire and build up my knowledge level and spiritual stamina I must cultivate the gift that God has given me. How do I cultivate it? Work It!

Can I close this thing out now? I think I can! Shout Work That Thang! The gift that God has placed on the inside of each and every one of us has in it the ability to cause things to begin to shift in our lives. It causes the wrong people to leave and connects you to the right ones. It causes you to turn away from an old deceptive, confusing, conniving, and manipulative way of doing things; however, it has within itself enough capacity to stabilize you in the things of God and walking out a manner that is conducive to getting results. Shout Work That Thang! This gift is not an ordinary gift that you get because it’s a special day in your life, rather it’s a gift you get as a result of God seeing a purpose for your life. Therefore, He places the gift in you and patiently awaits the day that you begin to unwrap it. Why? It is that day that your mind becomes mesmerized, your spirit becomes energized, and your heart becomes synchronized with the things of God, thereby causing your entire being to become revolutionized as you begin to take up the gift and discover its capabilities. Shout Work That Thang! Then, slowly you begin to hear instructions on what to do and what to say, how to walk and how to talk, when to dream and when to activate the dream. It is at this moment that you realize that you are no longer working for a paycheck, rather you are working for dividends.

Can I go higher? Reach brother! I think I will! Shout Work That Thang! You begin to realize that I’m no longer an employee being treated as a subordinate or peasant, but I’m in a partnership with the Most High walking in heavenly and royal places. I’m no longer at the mercy of an individual who is incompetent, inconsiderate, inconsistent, and is always trying to inconvenience me. Instead, as a result of me working my gift, I am now in covenant partnership with My God who is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing, and is able to make all grace abound towards me that I always have all sufficiency to abound towards every good work He assigns me to. Shout Work That Thang! So, when He says move, I move. When He say step, I step. When He says halt, I halt. When He says build, I build. Why? Soon, I begin to look around and I start seeing everywhere my foot treads that has He not only given me, but I also see it working in my life. Guess what else? Others see it working in my life too. Now, their taking notice that this was not simply a boy or girl who had nothing going for them. This was not simply a lady or man who was not to be taken seriously. Instead, they begin to see this is a person who taped into their gift from God, and they started working it and working it and working it. Now, they have what they say they shall have. They are, who they said they were all along. Guess what? That means your gift has made room for you.

Can I go higher, just one more time? Go head Kean, because you are encouraging yourself also. I almost forgot the last part. It says, “…and bringeth him before great men.” Shout Work That Thang! While you’re working, keep on working. I know for some it seems like you’re being over-looked, you’re being slept on, people not liking you, and they got all sort of nasty stuff to say about you.  But, I want you to continue to Work That Thang!  I know it seems that others have noticed you, and that others are trying to attach to you. However, you have to know that you are not working for the attention of others. Instead, you’re working for the attention of God who has the power to position you in front of great men. What does that mean? Shout Work That Thang for the last time! I’m not working so that my mom will notice me. I’m not working so that my dad will notice me. I’m not even working so that my boss will notice me. However, I’m working so that God will take pleasure in my work and begin to bring my name up before my boss’s boss. One more, Shout Work That Thang!  I’m working so that He’ll bring my name up before the president of a company that I plan to apply at. I’m working so that He’ll bring my name up before the CEO of another company who’s looking to partner with me to bring to past the business that I have down inside me.

I’m not working so that I can say “Hey look at me,” but I am working so that I can say “Excuse Me! Excuse Me! Excuse Me! (As I’m moving through people in life) How are you Mr. CEO of Partnering Worldwide? I’d like to finalize our deal to become partners with the full weight of your company and name backing me.” In other words, I’m not working to show off for nobody. I’m working to have my gift make room for me and position my name, my face, my business, my ministry, my product, and myself into presence of great men. But until I see it, i will continue to Work – That – Thang! Work It!  Work It!  Work It!  Then, Work It some more!  No matter what you may be facing, and no matter what stands against you.  You got to continue, to Work – That – Thang!  Shout Yes! Yes! YES! Be blessed and stay encouraged!


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