Enlarge My Territory!

Genesis 24:1-67
Habakkuk 2:1-3
Psalms 121:1-2
1 Chronicles 4:9-10

*This week I’m going to write a little differently.  This week’s post is also a little longer than usual, but the great depth that was went into is needed for complete understanding.   I firmly believe that it is still relevant and set to transform your mind, if you allow it to penetrate to the place where God desires to take you.  Ready?  Here we go.

Introduction: I was given the text above to start reading my next learning mission or assignment from God, and most of the time I know when God gives me something it’s for me to learn and apply, then teach to others. However, this time I was perplexed by this assignment, because I couldn’t understand which way it was going. So, in all honesty, I left it alone for a minute. Then, I came back around to it and tried it again. Still no help understanding it. So, one morning it seemed as if I was getting a hold of it, and it was starting to make sense to me. From there, I said let me begin developing a message for this new found learning. Once I did that I started coming up with all kinds of titles from the text and all the titles led to a dead end (meaning I got to a point where I couldn’t go any further on that path). Let me show you.

Genesis 24:1-9 (summarize) – From this passage I got the title Don’t Go Back. That thing hit my spirit because I was at a point where I wanted to return to some things that I gave up for God. I’m not talking about worldly or sinful things, but I’m talking about maybe going to reclaim some stuff that I had sacrificed for God. So, using this topic I was going to tell you that you can’t go back to what God has brought you out of for if you do you will forfeit an inheritance that has been predestined for where God is taking you to. God said, “That ain’t it.”

Genesis 24:10-60 (summarize) – From this passage I got the title A Specific Prayer gets an Unhindered Answer. This was also good to me because it showed me how someone could pray inwardly in his or her heart and God answers openly before the prayer is even sealed. Then, it showed me how someone’s Prayer could get answered only for someone or something to try and delay it from coming into fruition. Yet, the servant spoke to it and said hinder me not and it was not hindered unto him but released immediately. So, using this message I was going to tell you that a specific prayer gets God’s attention and you have been given power to speak to that enemy and tell it do not hinder me but release it immediately. However, God said that ain’t it either.

Genesis 24:61-67 (summarize) – From this passage I got the title A Two-Fold Blessing. Rebekah was not only an answer to Abraham’s Prayer to find a wife for his son, but she was also a comforter to Issac in his time of grief and bereavement. So, using this message I was going to tell you that God’s got a blessing that is able to satisfy every desire or need you may have, but God said that still ain’t the one.

Then, he gave me the Prayer of Jabez and I said God that lines up with A Specific Prayer gets an Unhindered Answer. After that I gained a little more track for that message; however, God said delete all of that because that’s not what I’m saying. Can I be honest real quick? At this point I had done got (I know it’s not correct grammar but bare with me very briefly), I had done got frustrated. I’m trying and trying to figure this thing out and everywhere I turn I’m bumping into roadblocks. Now, I’m asking Lord what is it that you are trying to say. He sent me on a journey. First he said, “Look for houses that are at least 5,000 square feet.” I thought that’s easy, and I started looking. As I was looking I noticed something very quickly. I said, “5,000 square footage houses cost 5,000 square footage worth of money Lord.” He said, “I’m not concerned with price, rather it’s about territory.” At this point I still didn’t get what he was saying. Then, he reminded me of an area my wife and I looked to move to before everything went belly up for us. He told me go to that area and look at the house you wanted. I went (and mind you it was very early in the morning and not a short drive from where we were living) and they were building one of the houses. He told me to park and go in which I did. Then, he said “this is where I need your faith and expectation to be not on an apartment.” My wife and I were looking at apartments to attempt to start over in for so many reasons, but he checked that. But guess what? Even at this point, I still didn’t get what he was saying to me. It wasn’t until I was sitting in a service listening to the preacher talking about taking the gospel and reclaiming God’s territory that it dawned on me, “This thing is about territory. That’s what he been saying to me this whole time. He was saying to me, because of what you gave up for me I’m going to reclaim even more for you.” Needless to say I felt real slow after all the times I thought about how he was putting it in my face and I was missing it, but I digress. So, that’s how we arrived at the topic of discussion, Enlarge My Territory. For this discussion I have three points that I want to drive home to you.

Point 1: Keep The Vision Before You

Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1-3 (read)

A. What does it mean to keep the vision before you?

The vision is not a dream you have that you ascribe to make a reality each and every day. I know this just messed with a lot of y’all minds, and it messed with my mind also when he first gave it to me. However, I must do what he tells me to do and say what he tells me to say, despite who’s preaching and theology it goes against. The vision that Habakkuk is referring to in this book is that of the revelation from God concerning the situation for his people. See, Habakkuk was living in or during a time where there was much violence and great sin in the land, yet God’s judgement had not come against those who were the offenders. In response, Habakkuk sought the Lord for an answer and waited for him to respond to it. God’s response was a revelation for him to write, and the revelation was for things that were to come. In other words, since the revelation was for things that were to come it was apparent that there would be a waiting or delaying process. That’s okay though. The reason why it was okay was because Habakkuk also had, as part of the revelation, knowledge and wisdom to know that the revelation was to be used as encouragement for he that read it. It gave him the ability to continue to run and not faint. Watch this.

Whenever God gives you a word concerning your life, that word is the revelation of things that are to come concerning you and all connected to you. The Key is to write it down on something, so that you always have something to refer back to when the going gets though and the road gets rough. How? Just like Habakkuk’s revelation, your revelation comes with encouragement for he that reads it. It will give you the ability to run on and not faint. Let me make it plain for you. You may have found yourself in a situation that seems like it’s impossible for you to find a way out of. First off, stop looking for a way and seek God for The Way (because he is The Way, The Truth, and The Light) out. In your seeking, expect Him to answer sooner or later, but rest assured He will answer. How do I know? God never does anything or allows anything to happen without first revealing it to someone. So, He’s going to give you a revelation concerning your situation. Can I help you a little more. His revelation will always fall within the perimeters of His word. Therefore, He speaks a word over your life which is backed up by His word in the Bible. Why? Just in case you don’t remember exactly how He spoke it to you, you have His word to fall back on which is surely encouragement for your soul. Every time you read it, it gives you encouragement to continue on running. When you get a little weary, reread the word again. Why? It sends even more encouragement. Watch this. God gave me this while I was preparing this. He said, “Encouragement is simply confidence being built.” In others words, the more you read the word concerning the revelation he spoke over you life, the more confidence you build within yourself that no matter what happens or what is happening I am standing on this word (which is also a promise) that God gave me and I not only believe, but I know that I will see the salvation of the Lord performed in my life. Now, I know why the church used to sang the song “I believe I’ll run on and see what the ends going to be!”

However, I know that there are some who are still struggling to believe this thing. Let me help you real quick using the example from our main focal bible passage of Abraham and his servant. Abraham sent his servant to go back to his hometown to find a bride for his son, Issac. When he told his servant to go to his hometown to get a bride for his son, the servant responded saying what should I do if she be not willing to come with me? Should I then take the boy with me? Abraham said see to it that you do no such thing. Why? It is the Lord who have spoken to me and told me to leave the land of my kindred and to go into a land that I will give you. He also spoke to me and told me that my son would be the heir of this land, which means that it’s His responsibility to go before and provide a wife for him. Wait. Now, what did Abraham do? He reread the vision to the servant and backed it up by referring to the first word that was spoken to him concerning him birthing forth a seed. Let’s continue. Then, the servant goes forth to the land and comes to a well to rest for a moment. Watch this. The servant prayed a prayer to God saying when a certain woman comes to draw water if she should do this for me then shall I know that thou has answered my masters prayer. A woman showed up and showed out by doing the exact things that he had asked and prayed to God for. Stay with me. He didn’t immediately thank God, because there was one more prayer that had to be fulfilled. Abraham told him to go to take a bride of his kindred to bring to Issac. So, the servant asked her who is your daddy? Come to find out, this woman is of the house of Abraham’s brother, then the servant bowed himself and gave thanks to God for he hath made his way prosperous.

Can I give you the shout cue? Abraham wrote out the vision for his servant to carry out. His servant initiated the process as written, and he said God I want to ensure that who I am pursuing is in your will in order to completely fulfill the vision. So, he prayed a prayer asking for help in identifying who is who. In other words, though he had a vision and had responded to the vision, he still lacked wisdom due to the area he was going into being unfamiliar territory. Now, he has to write an addendum to the vision in order to ensure he fulfills the vision, but still in compliance with the original vision. How did he write the addendum? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. What am I saying to you? In this new season that you are coming into, you are going into new territory in order to fulfill the vision that God gave you. However, since the area is unfamiliar, if you are going to truly embrace the vision, you are going to have seek out God in order to write an addendum to the vision that gives you the ability to distinguish what’s of God and what’s not. That’s why the writer describes him as a present help in time of need. That’s why another writer writes that’s he’s the author and finisher of your faith. In other words, though the vision tarry, wait for it. While you’re waiting, seek him out. While you’re seeking, expect an answer. When he answers, know that the vision is that much closer to coming to pass. This leads me to my next point.

Point 2: Look to the Hills

Scripture: Psalms 121:1-2 (read)

Now upon reading that scripture it sounds like it’s pretty obvious that when you simply look up and acknowledge the hills, you receive help from the Lord. Right? No! That is not what this scripture is saying. In order to better understand what this scripture is saying I had to perform some rigorous research of it. The Lord said to me, “Look and see if there is anywhere else the hills are mentioned.” This research led me to Psalms 87:1, which says “His foundation are in the holy mountains.” As soon as I read the scripture there was a word that stuck out to me, foundation. Therefore I had to expound on that a moment. The word foundation means the very base of which construction is built upon, usually referring to a city. So, it’s the base of which the construction of a city is built upon. Now, we’re cooking. Somebody ask, “what are you cooking up doc?” A recipe for you to understand not only whom your help comes from, but where it comes from also.

Once I got a grip on that I was led to another scripture. Isaiah 28:16, “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, A tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: He that believeth shall not make haste.” Now, there’s only one person I know that is a precious stone, a corner stone, one that was tried and successfully passed every test without failure or any incorrect answers being submitted, and only one who is a sure foundation. That name is Jesus. This I am sure of regarding the stone, but they have introduced a new thing that grabs my attention, Zion. Come on church. We know what Zion is. Zion is the place which David captured in Jerusalem. The place where the God of Israel dwells. It’s the place that was identified as the Church of God and the Heavenly City. In other words, Zion is the place where God chose to dwell among his people, thereby making it God’s dwelling place. However, (watch this) when the Prophet Isaiah spoke about this it was not yet here. It’s was a prophecy of what’s to come. So, we now have to travel to 1 Peter 2:6 in order to see just what the prophecy was saying to us. It reads, “Wherefore also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.” That word confounded means made ashamed or put to shame.

What do we have so far? Well, we know that God’s foundation is in the Holy Mountains and that his foundation is based on a precious stone that is also the corner stone, thereby making it the starting point. Then, we went on to learn that Zion was the city that was built on the stone, and Zion is the Heavenly City and Church of God which makes it the dwelling place of God. We also learned that anybody that believes on this stone shall not be put to or made shamed. So, that leads us to the conclusion that we are not looking to just any mountain or high place, rather we are looking to Zion. The representation of the dwelling place of God in earnest expectation of a revelation from God. However, there is still the question of where our help comes from. (Hang in there, because I’m just about ready to make a landing on the runway to taxi to your terminal of the airport.)

As I continued my research, I was led to yet another scripture. Revelation 21:1-3, “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.” Now, I will not take your intelligence for granted neither insult the cognitive ability of your mind to go so far as to explain how this dwell with them began. However, I will refer to it in order to develop and strengthen our learning of what God is saying to us in this message. Back in the day when Moses brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, God had given Moses instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant, which was used as God’s dwelling place among the people. Now, this came with guidelines and prerequisites. There was only certain people who were authorized to enter into the Tabernacle and Holy of Holies place before God, and the people who were authorized to enter in had to ensure that they were washed and cleansed at the bronze laver. Then, when they entered into the tabernacle they had to wash yet once again. Still, even then the ones who were permitted into the Holy of Holies were shielded by a veil from clearly seeing the Glory of God, for if they saw it they would be burnt up. Why? No unclean thing could stand before God and not face judgement.

So, the presence of God dwelt in the Holy of Holies in the Old Testament, yet in the New he says that I will dwell with them. This leads me to believe that God is speaking of dwelling on the inside of man, but how if we are unclean and nothing unclean can stand in his presence? Come here stone, precious and tried stone, the stone that lays in Zion as a sure foundation. In other words, come here Jesus! This is the person that was sent to die for you and I to be rehabilitated back to God. He is also the person that was sent to shed blood and offer himself as a sacrifice on our behalf. He was also sent to cleanse us and redeem us and present us as clean to God. Therefore, I am convinced that he, Jesus, is the requirement and prerequisite that qualifies us to be a new covenant representation of the Ark of the Covenant, thereby having God dwell within us. That’s why the scripture says that anyone who believes on him shall not be made ashamed. Why? It is our belief in him that qualifies us to be reconciled back to God, but our belief on him allows him to come into our lives and dwell on the inside in order for God to see that you are not only qualified but justified to withstand His presence. And if God’s presence is dwelling on the inside of you, there is nothing that can stop you, hinder you, restrain you, or deny you any good and perfect thing that God has in stored for you.

Now, what does all this have to do with look to the hills? I’m glad that you asked. When you look to the hills, you are not looking to mountains. Rather, you are looking to Zion. In this new covenant that we have with God, we no longer physically look up to a mountaintop to seek God’s direction. No, we look inwardly to the Holy Ghost to make known the mysteries of God concerning our life situations. Why? Zion no longer dwells in the hills or mountaintops, but He now dwells on the inside of the saved, delivered, Holy Ghost filled, water baptized, sanctified, godly justified people of God. In other words, this is not a situation where you simply drop to your knees, stretch out your hands, or even stand boldly declaring the word of the Lord. No! In this situation you take your whole body and lay it on the floor, face down, prostrate before the Lord, and tell him I am no match for this impossible thing that you have allowed me to face. I am no match for using what I know to get me out of this situation. I am no match when it comes to understanding the whys and how’s of you; however, I throw myself face down to the mercies, the new graces, the infinite all knowing and all encompassing wisdom of the only God who is able to tear down one while building up another. I lay myself prostrate as a sign of surrendering of my will, and submission unto thine will. I dare not think so high of myself as being able to come through this and out of it by my own might. Instead, I humble myself under your mighty hand that in due time I might be raised up to the rightful place that you have predestined for me to occupy. Holy Ghost have your way and move in this place. I’m not talking of a place with an address. I’m not talking about a house, car, or any building consisting of four walls. No! I need you to move in me, this body of mines, causing everything that’s not like you to be made known. Why? So that it may be purged out of me. That’s why the Bible says in Job 23:10, “But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

When God gets ready to enlarge your territory you will begin experiencing some unbelievable and seemingly impossible situations. Yet, it’s okay if your are apart of Zion’s army, meaning if you are one of Zion’s dwelling places. Why? He comes and begins to communicate with you. He keeps you uplifted in a terrible situation where anybody else would have lost their mind. He tells you things like, “My grace is sufficient for you. For my strength is made perfect in weakness. The race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all. Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth to those which are before, press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of Jesus Christ. But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.” In other words, he comes in and reminds you of his word that it may not depart from you. That’s why you have to adopt the mindset that it may be delayed, but it’s not denied. It may seem like it’s far off, but it’s okay because I’m fortified. It may seem like I’m not supposed to be or do this and not supposed to be or do that, but my belief in him has made me qualified. Since I have accepted him into my life I am therefore justified to occupy any and all new territory that God has set aside in order for Him to be glorified.

Ultimately, when I look to Zion I look within myself using my spiritual eyes, and I begin to communicate with the Holy Ghost who is the comforter of all God’s people. He doesn’t comfort by coddling my feelings; instead, his comfort stirs my spirit to the point where when I am down or overwhelmed with attack from the enemy I start speaking the word in the midst of my situation. I start speaking crazy stuff to natural minded people. When my health is failing I say I am the healed of the Lord God resisting sickness and disease for the stripes of my Lord Jesus Christ took on this sickness so that it wouldn’t be the demise of me. When my finances are depleted and seem as if there is no more coming anytime soon, I simply say My God is able to do exceeding, abundantly, and above any and everything that I can ask or think. In other words, my money is not the source of my well-being but my God is. My God has the power to perform miracles that money cannot. When my home gets foreclosed on and my vehicles get repossessed, I simply say it is well with my soul when asked about it. Why? The bank may have taken my home, my cars, my furniture, and my other stuff; however, it did not take away my joy and my peace. The world didn’t give it to me. The stuff didn’t give it to me. The bank didn’t give it to me. Rather, it was my God who gave me my joy and peace, thereby giving me the stuff. If he allowed me to suffer loss as a result of being submissive and Obedient unto his will, then look out because my faith is being tested. In all things, give thanks to God. For the Lord giveth and taketh away. Watch this. If the enemy was able to get in and take my stuff, then this thing I know: God is getting ready to Enlarge My Territory! Somebody ought to give him praise right there! Don’t praise him for the stuff coming your way. Praise him that you have been called, chosen, set aside, and predestined to claim new territory for God’s glory! Shout YES! YES! Yes Lord!

Point 3: In Spite Of…Use What You Have

Now, we’ve arrived at our final point. This point is not going to take long at all. It’s not because of how long the other points where, but it is due to it meaning exactly what it says. In Spite Of…Use What You Have! Most of the time we focus so much on what God has allowed to leave us that we forget, we still got (yes “got”) something left. It may not be much as compared to before. It may not even be all that great as compared to before. However, if God saw fit to tell the enemy this far you can go but no further, then that means that what you have left is what will be used to work wonders. The same is true if you have given up and/or lost it all. You are left, and you are more than enough for God to use to pursue and recover all! Can I take it a step further? I don’t care what physical or mental stuff you may have lost, because if you still have God you haven’t lost nothing. I’m going to say that again. I don’t care what physical or mental stuff you may have lost, because if you still have God you haven’t lost nothing! What do I mean by this? God says I Am that I Am. In other words, I believe that to mean I Am whatever you need me to be before you even have the need! To help me illustrate this I have some witnesses that I would like to call on. Who better to start with than the man himself who received the word I Am that I Am from God, none other than Moses.

Moses was the child who was born at a time when there was an executive order from Pharaoh to kill all the male infants, because Pharaoh believed that the rate at which Hebrew boys were being born would lead to the slaves rebelling against him. So, Moses’ mother decided to put him in a basket in the river as a way of him escaping the executional drowning. Well as you know Pharaoh’s wife found the baby Moses floating and decided to adopt him and raise him as an Egyptian, thereby making him apart of royalty due to the family being that of Pharaoh’s. Quick Intermission! God gave me this in the midst of writing this: “Be careful how you treat my sheep, because the new Shepard is closer to you than you think. I am known for implanting my culprit in your closet ranks.” Now that word culprit, I couldn’t understand why God would use that due to its meaning. Culprit means one that has been accused of or charged with a crime. God said, “The crime that is committed is against you (the oppressor of my people) not against me. Therefore, what you see as a crime that has been committed my people see as a sign that I am committed to delivering them.” Now I don’t know who that was for, but I think we should all just take a real quick praise break.

Back to Moses. Moses one day rose up and saw a fellow Hebrew being beaten. As a result he killed the man and fled to hide from Pharaoh. As he was fleeing, God came to him and gave him his greatest assignment yet; to lead to Children of Israel out of slavery and Egypt. Moses was able to pick out all his flaws and say all the reasons why he shouldn’t be the one. However, God gave him one reason why he should. He said, I Am that I Am. In other words, I have heard all your excuses and self-pity, but I Am the one who is able to use all your weaknesses as strengths for the task that is before you. Basically, God was saying to Moses I know you don’t have this, that, and the third but use what you got! When you use what you got and submit it over to I Am, you become more than enough.

Since God spoke about culprits being implanted in your closest ranks let’s call our next witness, David. We all know David. David was the boy that was overlooked by everyone, including his own father, when Samuel came seeking whom the Lord hath appointed to replace Saul as King over Israel. As you know, the oil in the horn would not flow for any of David’s brothers, but when it got to him the seal burst and the oil began to flow. Can I give you another shout cue? There are some things that God has in store for you that other people and the enemy think they can block, hinder, or steal away from you. Watch this. From now on you can tell them, Can’t touch this! Why? Due to the way that anointing and blessing has been setup, it will only flow onto the one who has been pre-approved by God himself. What am I saying? When you rightfully present yourself as one stamped and sealed with approval from God, the oil will burst the seal and what was once shut up will began to flow! Just take a second and holler FLOW! Back to David! He was nothing but a shepherd boy to those around him, but to God he was a boy after the heart of God which qualified him to receive favor from God! Watch this. After David got anointed he went back in the field and continued doing what he was doing (shepherding sheep). He didn’t think too high of himself. He didn’t change the way he carried himself. He didn’t let the title he received go to his head and become an arrogant person. No, he humbled himself under the mighty hand of God that God may exalt him in due time (1 Peter 5:6).

As a result of David’s humbleness, God saw fit to create a position within the camp of the person he would come and replace, Saul. You know the story. The Spirit of God had departed Saul and an evil Spirit began to trouble him. He commanded his servants to seek out the best harp player that could drive away the evil spirit with his playing of the harp. Come here David. Since you submitted to my will and remained steadfast and humble throughout the process, not only have I qualified you for the blessing but I have also positioned you to began to make progress towards the blessing. How? You will slay Goliath and the people will take notice. You will fight wars for Saul and the people will take notice. Saul will get jealous and pursue your life to take it and although you can probably take Saul out (since you did slay the giant and the tens of thousands) you will humble yourself and flee as a sign of respect. Watch this. And, the people will notice. All of which will justify you to occupy the new territory that I have set aside for you so that I may be glorified throughout the entire process. What does this mean for us reading or hearing this? It confirms that a good man’s steps are ordered by God and that he delighted in his way! In other words, follow the plan that has been given to you and watch God position you to take up the mantle that has predestined for you.

Speaking of mantle, I believe we have another witness. Come here Elisha. We all know the story of Elijah and Elisha. How Elijah was running for his life from Jezebel and God led him to Elisha. Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha and Elisha dropped everything and left everything to follow Elijah. However, I want to focus on the latter part of Elijah’s life. When Elisha asked him for a double portion of his anointing and Elijah told him that he had asked for a hard thing. What was the hard thing? It wasn’t that Elisha’s request was arrogant; however, Elijah knew that this mantle that I have requires much humbling of oneself, much suffering of oneself, much persecution, much affliction, and much submissiveness to God’s good and perfect will. So, when Elijah answered him by saying if you see me when I’m taken up then you can have my mantle, what he’s really saying is if you are willing and able to go through everything that I’m about to endure and still continue with me then you can have my mantle. If you are willing to be cut, be hard pressed, be bruised and perhaps abused, be subject to much persecution, then are you worthy to take up my mantle. Watch this. When Elijah was taken up, there was nothing left but Elisha and Elijah’s mantle. No demonstration and no leadership example to show him how to take up and use the mantle. I believe that is when god reminded him, “use what you got!” In other words, what do you remember? Oh I saw Elijah stretch forth his mantle, thus let me do it and call on the God of my master Elijah. Didn’t he show up? Didn’t he show out? How do I know? As the story continues we learned that Elisha did double the amount of miracles than Elijah did. Now, this is not about competition or comparison, rather it is about being willing to allow God to use what you have left in order for you to receive the double for your trouble anointing.

As I close, somebody saying to themselves, “You don’t know the hell that I have faced from my birth. You don’t know the pain behind my family name or even my name. You don’t know how I had to endure losing almost everything that I had as a result of my walk with God! You just don’t know!” If I had time I would read for you 1 Chronicles 4:10, which says “And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested.” If I had time, I would tell you how he got his name from his mother because of the amount of sorrow she had to endure in order to birth him out into the world. If I had time, I would tell you how the person that was supposed to set him up for success nearly predestined him to endure a life full of sorrow; instead, he used what he had (his voice and his knowledge of who God is) and gave himself to God to be used as he pleased. If I had time, I would bring to the witness stand Brother Gideon. This was a man that was preparing to go into a great battle against a great opponent, and when he got ready the Lord told him you have too much stuff (I mean too many people) in your camp for this battle. So, He reduced him from 32,000 soldiers to only 300 soldiers. Keep in mind they were going up against an army of at least 100,000. Therefore, he was already outnumbered and still experienced a cutback, setback, reduction in force, or downsizing. God told Gideon, your numbers are too many for this battle, and the people will begin to think that they won the battle by their own hands and praise themselves over me (God, the true deliver of the Midianites into thine hands). My way of preventing this from happening is to put you in a position where you will understand not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit has this battle been won. Shout cue. In other words, God is preparing you to get the victory and claim some new territory, but you have too much stuff that would make you think you got this territory by your own doing. Therefore, He had to allow some stuff to be taken from you. He had to tell you to let go of some stuff. He had to position you in a place where you would understand my credit didn’t do this for me. My bank account didn’t do this for me. My friends and family didn’t do this for me. My job didn’t do this for me. God is saying, I had to get you to a place where you would look at your victory and say “This is the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in my eyes!” I dare you to take however much time you need and begin to worship the God that causes all things to work for good for those who are the called according to His purpose! Praise him! Worship him! Give it to him! GIVE – HIM – GLORY!


Illustration: Can I give y’all an illustration real quick to help y’all understand what I’m saying?

In November 2017, God told me that he was pronouncing a blessing over my life. He said, “I’m enlarging your territory.” It was hard for me to receive it, because first of all I was not in a position to understand it. That’s right it’s a continuation of the earlier mentioned mind blowing revelation He gave me. To help me grab a hold of it He broke it down using Abraham and his son, Isaac. Watch this. Abraham had made a sacrifice or was about to make a sacrifice unto the Lord using his Son Issac. God had promised Abraham that he would make his name great and multiply his seed. Throughout all the years of Abraham’s life, from the first pronouncing of the blessing up to this point, we look at it as God making promises. However, God gave it to me this way: Abraham received a revelation concerning the new course and direction for his life in Genesis 12, and the new purpose for his life in Genesis 13. Watch this. In Genesis 12, God didn’t promise Abraham a seed, but He did promise to make his name great and that he would bless him. That was the new course for his life, which came into fruition a lot quicker than the seed promise. In Genesis 13, God promises Abraham that he would not only have one seed, but more seeds than he could ever imagine or count. Now, we get into his purpose. Stay with me. The purpose took a lot longer to activate than the course change. Why is that? A course change simply requires you to align your path with his; however, to fulfill one’s purpose or unlock one’s purpose it requires sacrifice.

Can I drive it home for you? When it was time for Abraham to possess the promise over his life, it required Issac to be willing to lay down his life as he and his father climbed up to the mountain top. When David was getting ready to move into the purpose part of his life, it required him to be willing to lay down his life as he faced Goliath. When Jesus was getting ready to move into the purpose part of his life, it required him to be willing to lay down his life on that old rugged cross. When Saul was converted to Paul and was preparing to move into the purpose of his life, it required him to be willing to lay down his life and become the recipient of persecution rather than the deliverer of persecution. What am I saying? All of these people and more true life’s purpose was about claiming or reclaiming territory. Whenever it is time for your territory to be enlarged it will require you to be willing to lay down your current life in order to take on the life that has been preordained and predestined for you. That’s what Jesus meant when he said whoever desires to be like me must be willing to take up his cross and follow me. I had to do it in order to become the person you see, read, or hear about now. Guess what? You will too! Anybody desiring to be like Jesus must bear this burden, and it does not necessarily mean that you will be executed. Rather it means you are giving up life as you know it for life as he knows it.

God said to me, it’s more than that. He said, “I’m pronouncing this blessing on you and over you. Then, I’m giving you authority to declare it over the lives of those that I send.” I asked him how will I know who it’s for. He added, “Whomever comes in contact with this word. Let them know this is not something you can sow money towards. This is the type of blessing that requires you to give up a sacrificial offering to me. One that I have specifically requested of you. Your willingness to sacrifice that thing or those things is what unlocks your ability to tap into this blessing.” So, I ask you, what is it that God is saying to you that you need to give up in order to proceed on down the road to your destiny? What sacrifice is he requiring of you that makes you shake to your very core due to what it took to acquire it? What has been pecking at your mind that it’s time to get rid of in order to for God to bless you and lead you into that new, enlarged territory? What is it? Surrender it! Let it go so that you can go get what’s in front of you! I decree a release of whatever it is, and watch God begin to move on your behalf giving you unimaginable victories.


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