Are Your Motives Pure?

On last week, I closed the article with a question:  Are you sincere and genuine in your doing, giving, and living?  By now we have had some time to live with this question and ponder on its significance in our lives.  Now, I’m going to expound upon this and hopefully it leads us to place where we can truly demonstrate the genuine and sincere nature of God in us.

To kick it off, allow me to ask my first question:  What drove you or brought you to believe in Christ and The God of all creation?  I know this question seems sort of like a dumb question, but The Spirit of God that is within me is telling me that this needs to be addressed mightily today.  What do you mean Kean?  I mean, we are living in times where it seems that no matter which way you look there is some form of malice, evil, hatred, jealousy, or even superiority complex being displayed by people. Don’t get it twisted now.  This superiority complex is not just regarding race, but it also references status, class, or even position.  People are seriously at a point of doing any and everything to ensure the safety, survival, and security of both their lives and the lives of their family.  This includes feeling the need to buy more weapons as a means of protection, moving from one area to another as a means of escaping, and/or committing acts of crime as a means of providing.  Through all of this, are you sincere and genuine in your turning to God, or did you turn to Him out of convenience?

Oh, let’s not act like people don’t turn to God out of convenience. People do it all the time.  Don’t believe me?  Let’s fact check for a moment.  Whenever somebody has committed a crime and there is the possibility of jail-time, who do they call on?  God.  Whenever somebody does something to jeopardize their current standings in a situation and it seems like thing could go array, who do they call on?  God.  Whenever there is the potential for a natural disaster that could come and wreak havoc on a place, who do the people call on?  God.  Somebody said, isn’t that the name that we are supposed to call on?  Yes, it is; however, do you only call on that Name when you are in trouble?  Do you only call on that Name when trouble is in you?  Do you only call on that Name when trouble is heading for you?  Do you only call on that Name when trouble is all around you?  Or, do you call on that Name no matter the day, time, season, situation, and obligation?  Huh?  In other words, do you only call on Him when you’re under attack or do you call on Him simply because He Is your all in all?

Let me help us really quick.  We have gotten so used to this new notion that it doesn’t take all that, and that’s just too deep.  I believe that is what God is looking for.  He is looking for the people that seem like they are doing too much.  He is looking for the people that are willing to go deep within Him (perhaps even to the point of going so deep that you don’t want to come up for air).  He is looking for the people who desire Him because of who He Is, and not simply on the merit of what He can do for them.  Therefore, it is impossible to work an angle on God.  Why?  Not only does He know your heart and mind, but you can also rest assured that He will allow you to be put in the fire.  Put in the fire?  Yes, ma’am and sir!  You see, the fire is not to annihilate you, rather it is to anoint you.  However, if you’re attempting to work some sort of angle or get over, you won’t understand this process.  Thus, you will turn and say I tried to turn to God but that was like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.  If you understood the process, then you would know that fire is God’s plan for revealing our purest, honest, and most notable selves.  In the fire is where He allows any and everything that is not like Him to be consumed and burnt up, thus only leaving behind who He originally formed and fashioned you to be (your core).

Yet, we don’t see people sticking around anymore for this.  No!  We see people attempting to use God as their own personal bank account or asset investor.  He is no longer “the rock in a weary land” to people, but we see people trying to make Him into a rock on a weary hand.  He is no longer the “lily in the valley” to people, rather He is the “lover who keeps me from the valley.”  Oh, we don’t want to talk about it or call it like it is no more.  We want to act as if we don’t see it, and secretly pray for a move of God that returns the people to their knees.  Why?  Stuff like this doesn’t increase your follower base, your weekly attendance rates, your weekly giving or financial reports, etc.  This kind of stuff makes you controversial and an outcast; however, I thought we were all trying to be more like Jesus.  If that’s true, then you would know that Jesus was not well liked by the people.  He did not amass the large following trying to sugar coat anything.  He most definitely didn’t go with the flow or just keep in step with the current teachings of his time.  No!  He came and shook the very foundations of the earth.  He came and wreaked havoc on those who thought they could manipulate and twist the Word of God into whatever they wanted it to say.  He came and basically destroyed the entire concept of religion without relationship.  As a matter of fact, He plainly stated “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34).

What does all this have to do with pure motives?  There used to be a time where people came to Jesus out of a pure and sincere heartfelt desire.  It wasn’t about what He could do for you, because he already demonstrated this by going to the cross to die for our sins.  It wasn’t about getting material and financial wealth, but it was about getting salvation and deliverance from this sinful nature that we are born into.  It wasn’t about trying to extort or pimp him (as if we could anyway), but it was about extracting true power (Holy Ghost Power) from him.  It was about seeing other souls come to him and finding rest for their weary hearts.  Where has this gone?  What have we come to?  Are we seriously under the notion that God wants to bless us for giving our lives over to Him without us doing anything that warrants such a blessing?  Yes, God wants to bless us (all servants and doers of His will); however, it is not only because of our giving our lives to Him.  It is the result of us doing His will, following His way, and being careful to observe whatsoever He says.

Yes, you gave your life to Him; however, that was more for you than Him.  Why?  Your soul was on its way to hell, not His.  Your life was in ruins, not His.  When we give our lives to Him, we are simply returning unto Him what is already His.  The trade-off is that we can now be used for His glory.  The thing that we miss is that there is a valley to share so that His glory can be seen in us.  There is a burden to bear so that His glory can fight for us.  More importantly, there is a cross to wear for His glory to be revealed through us. That’s why He writes, take up your cross and follow me.  It’s not just to lead us to persecution unto death (death to sin and worldly nature), but it also leads us into becoming perfected unto life and life more abundantly.  That is the true way to have His glory revealed through us.  It’s in our desire to take up our cross and endure the trials, withstand the fiery darts, and survive the numerous attacks that the enemy brings against us.  Thus, you cannot cheat, deceit, manipulate, or even connive your way into it.  It’s only one way; with a sincere and pure heart.  Let’s get back to this in this world and watch just what God will do when we approach Him with genuine intentions.  Be blessed and Stay encouraged!


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