The Dangers of Humanizing God!

“I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else.”

– Isaiah 45:5-6

First, let me admit that the topic for this week is not one that I was just so knowledgeable and eager to bring about.  It’s not that I want to simply only bring about joyful words of inspiration, rather it was the mere fact that I knew this topic is something that I didn’t fully have grasp of myself.  Let me explain.  I made a vow to God (when I accepted the call that He ordained and predestined for my life) that I would always write or speak what it is He wants me to.  However, I needed a thorough understanding of it so that I could ensure that I am not talking, writing, or preaching as holy but secretly walking as a hypocrite.  Thus, we arrive at the topic of discussion for this week.

I have found in my life that many times we as both humans and believers find that it is a lot easier to continue on the path of straight and narrow as long as we have something to identify with.  What do I mean by this?  Many times, we as believers look for examples in others on how to do this, walk this, speak this, or live this.  If we find what we are looking for we feel as if we are on the right track.  However, what do you do when what you are looking for isn’t discovered?  What do you do when there is no person that can demonstrate what you need for you to continue the path that you believe God has called you to?  How do you cope with the knowledge that the assignment that is on your life is one although many people have gone before you and laid a foundation or provided a road-map for you to be able to go after it, God seems to be pulling you in a different direction?  Oh, I know it’s deep and a little scary to come to the realization of this; however, we are going to discuss it.

For about a month or so, I have been hearing God say to me “It is dangerous to humanize Me!”  Repeatedly I kept hearing, “It is dangerous to humanize Me!”  Let me tell you, I didn’t understand it when He was speaking it to me.  As a matter of fact, most of the time I didn’t pay attention to it to try and get an understanding of it.  The reason why is because of the tone that I heard when it was spoken.  It was sort of like that tone your parents use when you are on the verge of getting in trouble.  The old folks used to say it like this: “Your mouth is getting ready to write a check that your behind can’t cash!”  You know that means that you are getting really close to dangerous grounds, which ultimately will lead to mama or daddy applying pressure to the soil to ensure that the seed of knowledge that they’re trying to instill is well received and secured for nourishment and manifestation.   Somebody is confused.  That was a glorified way of me saying that your butt was in danger of being set on fire or whipped.  Then, it hit me.  Oh!  That is why God kept saying this over and over to me.  He was warning me.  Thus, we arrive at this topic.

Humanizing God is a dangerous thing to do!  This statement alone causes a sort of pause to come over anyone that hears it.  Now, imagine hearing God say it to you.  It carries a little more weight that simply hearing it from the mouth of a human being.  Nevertheless, it’s a statement that demands both attention and action.  The attention part means to give heed to or take time to give focus to, while the action part means that something must change as a result of this new-found attention or focus.  Basically, once you begin to redirect your focus there is a change of course or change of plans that must follow to ensure that everything is now in line or in agreement with the newly acquired information. So, what exactly does it mean to “humanize” God?  This is what He gave to me: “To assign to Me mortal traits to try and justify your actions, make me the same as you, or make you and I equal.” Let me give it to you another way.  He said, “Tell them it is using your most basic human knowledge to try and level the playing field; with regards to emotions, mental intellect, characteristics, and overall compatibility regarding the things of God.”  Now, that last part got me.  I had to inquire of God what is meant by my overall compatibility regarding the things of God.  What He gave me was mind blowing.

Whenever it comes to the principles of God and Holy living, we have every excuse in the book as to why we fall.  We say things like, “It’s too hard for me.  It don’t take all of that.  If God wanted me to stop this or quit this, then He would speak it to me.  He ain’t through with me yet.”  All of that is fine and well (watch this) if you are continuously striving and pressing towards the mark.  However, it does not negate the fact that His principles are set, and there is no way around them.  What do you mean Kean?  Often, we have a command from God to do this, do that, say this, or say that.  We then take His command and process it through our intellect to better understand it.  Sometimes, we will even restructure or reword it, because it is not politically correct or has the potential to hurt someone’s feelings.  Then, we attempt to justify it with our favorite saying, “God does things in decency and order.”  That is true; however, He does not sugarcoat or cater to our feelings or emotions when it comes to Godly and Holy principled living.  Don’t believe me?  Ask the woman Jesus met at the well.  Ask Peter when he cut off the soldier’s ear.  Ask Saul when he was on the road to Damascus.  Ask Herod in the book of Luke about how Jesus called him a fox.  Need I continue?  No, this does not mean go around just saying whatever and however to people, but it does mean to deliver the message in accordance with the way in which God intended for it to be delivered.

One of the most dangerous things that I see is people going around attempting to sort of “test-drive” God for a compatibility match.  Then again, I also see people attempting to negotiate with God, as if He is a car salesman.  One of the most prevalent things that we are all most likely seeing is this new trend where we attempt to make the Bible or God’s Word a menu that we pick and choose what we will have or will not have from.  Need an example?  We pick out all the scriptures that pertain to getting what we want from God, all the while neglecting to give heed to the scriptures that bring about conviction, rebuke, chastisement, or reproach.  Can I give you the shout cue?  We do this not knowing that one is directly related and affected by the other.  Oh, that didn’t make the people want to shout Lord.  They want to be like-minded when it comes to blessings but not correction.  Okay.  God told me to give you this: “If we are going to be like-minded, then it requires you to come up to me and not the other way around.  For I will not relinquish who I am nor allow you to dethrone me just so that you can feel good, have it your way, or remain lackadaisical (or lazy).  I do not change my ways to fit your situation, and I do not change my nature for ease or your comfort.”  In other words, (I believe I heard Bishop Jakes says this) “It costs what it costs, and it does not go on sale!”

Oh, I feel like preaching now!  I shall re-frame from doing so this time.  Yes, God loves us, and He cares for and about us.  However, His love does not mean that His principles or laws have changed.  He is not wishy-washy like we are.  He is not feeble minded.  He does shake, quake, or quiver at the sight of your tears.  He is the Lord and He changes not.  In other words, He doesn’t bend His word to fit your situation.  He doesn’t remove His laws or principles just so you’re your life can be easy like Sunday morning.  He doesn’t change His requirements so that whatever is easier for you may be.  Can I be real for a short minute?  He is most definitely not someone you test drive to see if you like Him or not.  He is God and to think of Him like a human being or anything outside of His throne is insulting, disrespectful, and perhaps even sinful.  Why sinful?  When you humanize God, you are basically bringing him down to human level.  Once you have done this, who is on the throne?  As human beings, we must have something or someone to worship and look to that we consider higher and greater than ourselves.  If you humanize God, then who is it that you are looking to?  Who is it that you are now worshiping?  Who is it that you are modeling yourself to be like?  Watch out.  For His word says, “Ye shall not go after other gods, of the gods of the people which are round about you; For the LORD thy God is a jealous God among you) lest the anger of the LORD thy God be kindled against thee and destroy thee from off the face of the earth” (Deuteronomy 6:14-15).  Just as is written in His commandments that were given to Moses, there shall be no other gods before Him (Exodus 20:3).

In closing, I believe it is natural for us to try and attempt to place our human qualities and traits on God; however, I also believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that we are checking that instinct.  No, I am not placing anyone in a heaven or hell for doing such a thing, I am simply giving to you what was given to me.  Perhaps that is why so much is going on in our society, in our country, in our world, and in our lives.  Have we gotten so far away from exactly who God is that we are looking to other humans and things to be the answer to a problem that only God can solve?  That’s a question for another article.  Nonetheless, it is one for us to think about also.  To close this article I want to pose a simple question to you:  “Who sits on the throne in your life: The I Am that I Am God or the god that you believe to be the I am?”

Until next time,

Be Blessed and Stay Encouraged!


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