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Kean R. Jones is the newly published author of the soon to be released book entitled Identity:  Discovering Your True Identity.  In it, he unleashes a wealth of information with the sole purpose of assisting readers who are currently on the journey of discovering themselves to achieve self-recognition.  Helping others reach their full potential is a task that is both near and dear to the heart of Kean.  This is evident by the many young men that he mentored while serving in the United States Navy for a total of five years and the countless students whose lives he impacted while working as an educator for three and a half years.  Although he was able to quickly rise through the ranks in the Navy and naturally distinguish himself as an exemplar educator assisting students towards embracing their full academic potential, there was still a pulling at his heart that there was more for him.  Eventually, it became that PURPOSE was drawing him to higher heights.  Thus, we arrive at the conception and birth of S.P.E.A.K. with Kean.


S.P.E.A.K. with Kean is a blog ministry that was deposited into the spirit of Kean R. Jones by God.  At the time of its conception, he had been praying and seeking God for the next step in moving his ministry towards manifestation in the earth.  There were no crowds seeking him out.  There was no mention of his name in social media; however, despite everything that was working against him, Kean was determined to see all that God had in store for him come into fruition.  Therefore, he acknowledged the God who called and chose him.  He harnessed all the factors that were against him.  He embraced the promises of God concerning him.  He rejected the negativity directed towards him.  He grabbed a hold of the love and support of his wife and kids being for him.  He leaned on the word of God that was spoken over him.  Finally, he stepped out on faith and launched the vision that God had reserved for him.  And unto us a blog, S.P.E.A.K. with Kean, was born!


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